What's new

 New LoadMainPageWithScheme option in project.cfg

We have introduced the dizmo:// scheme to be used when loading local content like the index.html page of a dizmo. The dizmo:// scheme has been marked as local which allows AJAX access to other sites for dizmos (cross site scripting).

A dizmo can choose the scheme to be used when loading its main.html page (dizmo or https), the default is dizmo.

Any path to a local file returned by dizmoViewer will be supplied with the same scheme as the dizmo, with the exception of storage files, which will always be served / made available through http

If you want to specify https as the scheme, add the additional_plist_values key (if it doesn't exist yet) and then the LoadMainPageWithScheme key:

    "additional_plist_values": {
      "LoadMainPageWithScheme": "https" }

New URLs to access storage and bundle files

When reading from the data tree, instead of stpt:// we now use an internal webserver to serve files via http://localhost:42612/storage/... or https://localhost:42613/storage/...

Also, to access files stored in the dizmo bundle, you use the internal webserver as well.



New CookieJarToUse option in project.cfg

The new CookieJarToUse option allows you to specify if and where to store Cookies (per dizmo, per bundle or global in the viewer). Per dizmo Cookie Jar is recommended for sensitive or private Cookies, that should only be visible to the own dizmo instance, per bundle Cookie Jar for Cookies that need to be shared among all dizmo instances of the same bundle and viewer global Cookie Jar for all others. If your dizmo only processes Cookies but does not store them, you don't need a Cookie Jar.

Set to none by default, can be set to viewer, bundle or dizmo. Add the additional_plist_values key (if it doesn't exist yet) and then the CookieJarToUse key:

    "additional_plist_values": {
            "CookieJarToUse": "dizmo"