DizmoSynchro is a cloud-based service that extends the functionality of asynchronous setup sharing included in the dizmoSpace standard software. In the standard dizmoSpace software, a user can "move" (save and open) a fixed number of dizmoSpace projects (so-called setups) across any of his/her dizmo-enabled devices. By subscribing to dizmoSynchro, a user can operate on an unlimited number of setups across any dizmo-enabled device. It also allows to share the setups across users, a user defined group, or with everyone (making it "public"). The user sets the rights given to the those they share setups with.

The Setups dizmo allows users to save and share setups as well as load the setups on other dizmo-enabled devices. Setups dizmo also provides user sharing rights management functionalities.

Please contact support@dizmo.com to request the dizmoSynchro API.